Sunday, September 19, 2010

Candids in the Window

Because I do so many 'portrait's' for people, I kind of get stuck in portrait mode. Even with my own kids sometimes - too much posing and not enough spontaneity.

I was organizing some of my family photos this morning and came across this little bunch of three - and they were so refreshing to me. Unstaged, unposed, and unaware that I was even taking them. They were taken from my office chair. I'd just swiveled around, saw my kids playing together in the window light, grabbed my camera off my desk and snapped these three shots.

And seeing these photos reminded me of three things:

  1. That I need to take more candid photos of my kids and family - and more candid moments in my portrait photography, even.
  2. That I so appreciate how cute my kids are together and how well they get along almost all of the time. I LOVE that they're such good buddies!
  3. How much I love window light. These photos are completely uncropped, unedited and untouched, but they are beautiful with that light from my kitchen window coming in on their little faces (and I don't even mind that the first one is a little blurry.)

And in the spirit of candidness, here's one from the bridal shoot I did last night. And even though we got lots of beautiful posed shots, this is my favorite.


Ronnie said...

HAHAHA! I love the little gal on the left with her blade of grass!