Sunday, June 27, 2010

Terrified and Speechless...

Intriguing blog post title, huh.

Here's the thing: the thing is, I am often (99% of the time) up way too late at night editing photos, shopping, paying bills, emailing, blogging and generally stealing a little bit of time for myself. And sometimes while I'm online or working in Photoshop, I surf YouTube and listen to music, and sometimes I run across some unexpectedly delightful little musical tidbits. I don't really have radio in this little teenieweenieville oasis where I live, so I don't hear the latest songs as quickly or as often as most of the world. But that's almost a good thing as I used to get sick to death of my favorite songs after they've been overplayed by radio stations for a few months. Now, when I find a song I love, I can play it for myself - just the right amount.

Here's one of my latest favorites by Kara DioGuardi (from American Idol) and Jason Reeves (who co-wrote Bubbly for Colbie Caillat):

And I like this version even better:

It's fun to hear Kara sing and know that when she's critiquing Idol contestants, she herself is the real deal, not just a singer in her own right, but an amazing songwriter as well.

Katherine McFee also did this song (and I love her version too) and so did Didi Benami for an Idol audition.

And isn't that just a gorgeous song?!! And it's a "nice" song too - no raunchy lyrics, no creepy innuendo, no cussin'.

And on that note... Jaxon came home a while back and asked us who Lady GaGa was - - his friends had been talking about her at school. Well, I'm kinda glad he doesn't know. Wow, that girl is a little bit out there for me. But I did happen upon this video the other day and actually really loved this song and, giving credit where it's due, found out that this crazy GaGa is quite a talent. She can really croon, that GaGa, and play the piano too.

Check out Speechless:

Wow. I'm speechless.

But I'm still not showing her videos to my boy anytime soon. Call me old fashioned, but she scares me a little. Okay, a lot. But she sure can sing.


Molly said...

I started listening to Lady Gaga as a joke... and became hooked. She is a genius. I love her music. Although I don't think Jaxon would!!!

molly said...

Also you would probably enjoy any song from the moving "Once"... try this one.

Ronnie said...

Oh yeah, I completely second Molly on the soundtrack from Once.