Sunday, June 13, 2010

All Jaxon, All the Time - 12th Bday Party

I've been so behind on my blogging that I haven't had time to record some really important events like my big boy turning 12 years old!

(There's also been a couple of other important events in Jaxon's life lately so I will be posting several posts about him this week - all Jaxon, all the time - and see if I can't get caught up with what he's been up to the last few months.)

He decided that he wanted to go to the big city and see the movie, How to Train Your Dragon, so we took three of his best friends over to Cedar and took them to lunch and went to the movie. We had cake and opened presents at the Arctic Circle around the corner from the theaters and Jaxon received the latest book in the Fablehaven series, which he had really been looking forward to.

There was a lady sitting across the isle watching the festivities, and when she got up to leave she came over and told Jaxon that any boy who was such a big fan of Fablehaven ought to have a $5 bill for his birthday.

And so she gave him one....

(I just love this picture!)

Nice, huh. There are lots of nice people still left in the world.

We had a heckuva good time and the movie was great, and I kind of like these boys.

Especially this one:

He's a dang good kid. I can't believe he's already 12, he's growing up on me, and I'm not too sure how I feel about that.

Love you, bud. My big boy.