Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Faces of Nursery

Today in nursery I finished getting photos of all the kids. We've been wanting to have their pictures up on the door for them to see when they come in. We have a few more on our roles who don't come, but these are our regular little sweeties.

And they are SO sweet, every last one of them. The oldest just turned 2, her name is Sadie.

Isn't she pretty? And such a good girl.

Then there's Mr. Hogan, he's such a happy, fun, cute, cuddly boy.

The baby of the group is my friend Jenna's little dollie, Allison, who just turned one. Jenna comes and stays with her part of the time since she's so little, but she played great today, even without her mama there.
(she's sporting new piggie tails these days!)

And last, but certainly not least is our Hammy boy. He's decided the last couple of weeks that nursery is fun. I love it when he sits on my lap or talks to me in sign language. Smarty.

Aren't these sweet faces? I'm really enjoying being back in the nursery, even though I do miss the lessons in my big girl classes. But these little people are a joy and the older I get, the more I appreciate them.

And then, at the end of the time, my baby came in to find me - - and he looked HUGE compared to all our little guys.

Sniff..... My baby.


Autumn Rose said...

Ann, your pics are just great! I must brag about my little Sadie bug--this is a gorgeous pic of her! Her eyes look just striking!

Jenna Marie said...

Definitely ok to brag here Autumn! She is one gorgeous little girl! All of the kiddos look so cute in these pictures! love 'em Ann!