Thursday, March 4, 2010

... and Baby Makes Three

My good friend Jenna has some friends that just had a baby a few weeks ago. Jenna wanted to give them a photo session as their baby gift, so we arranged a time and made a fun day of it.

I loved meeting this beautiful little family, and it was great to see how much Mom and Dad, Teresa and Burke, love their new addition. His name is Hinkley and, in these photos he was 3 weeks old.

Can you even stand it?! Too, cute.

It was fun to watch Burke with him, he really is a hands-on dad - - you gotta love that!

There's just something we love about dad hands and baby feet...

Teresa, only three weeks out, had a completely flat stomach and looked like she's never even contemplated having a baby.

We'd hate her if she weren't so nice.

Such a lovely little family. It was great meeting you guys. Best of luck with everything and congrats on your little Hinkley boy!


Jenna Marie said...

These turned out beautiful Ann! Thanks so much! Not only did we get some cute pictures out of the trip- but it was fun to go on the drive. :) Cute Family...

Burke and Teresa said...

Thanks Ann. We are really excited to get the CD. They turned out great. I love the first one, and all the folds in the skin. Thanks Again. Nice to work with you.

communikate. said...

Great photos!!

You captured my nephew beautifully!

Oh, and we'd all hate Teresa too, if we didn't love her so much! Skinny girl! :)