Saturday, February 6, 2010

Parelli Possibilities

I haven't posted any horse related stuff in a while - mainly because I'm too much of a fair weather horseman, apparently, to brave all the mud and ice we've had around here lately and find a way to play with my horses.

But I found this great little video and figured that even non-horsie people might really enjoy it. This little gal is a 16 year old girl from Sweden named Lina Brandt. Her pony is Kikki, and this is what is possible between horse and human with the Parelli Natural Horsemanship program.

(Apparently, Lina isn't put off by winter weather....)

The song is by Pat Parelli's niece, Katie Drake.

More about Katie later.


Nettie said...

holy smokes!!! that is truely amazing.

Brian and Hillary said...

That was a truly amazing video. She is really good with her horse. That was awesome.

I have 2 little girls that love horses just like there mommy. Cheya's dream is to have a horse.

Brian and Hillary said...

I let Cheya watch the video and she enjoyed it and thought it was cool. So did Phelele.

Ronnie said...

A-mazing! That video made me smile. Thanks!