Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy Birthday to Sharon

My wonderful, fantastic, talented, super-fit, amazing little sister, Sharon, had a birthday a couple of weeks ago. So, of course, we had to take birthday portraits. We had a town full of mud, slush and ice to wade through, but we still had a good time.

What Sharon really wanted were candid, non-posey type pictures, so we went in search of adventure.

We found a wishing well...

A winterized orchard.....

And lots of other odd and interesting places...

Some of my favorite shots were in this old, old, OLD house that was being partially torn down. Here is my version:

and when I sent it to my friend/Photoshop mentor, Nan, (she told me not to mention her, but I did it accidentally, sorry Nan) she played with it and sent me back this version:


Nan, you're rockin' that texture, babeeee! (Oh, sorry, I mentioned you again.)

My sister is so great - she is the Nutritional Consultant at a Health Food store in St. George. She's also an uber-ultimate frisbee player and a diehard runner. She is going to run a team relay race from Prescott to Mesa, AZ in a few days.

Can you tell I'm proud?

The other day we went to her store and there were these signs on the wall. So I whipped out my point and shoot grabbed a quick pic.

And of the one on her office door.

Happy Birthday, sis, love you!


ME said...

YOU ARE A somethin, somethin!!! (no more playtime w/ your pics)...haha...o and Thanks SO much for the photoshop shoutout.

I am going to go ahead and forgive you because you do such amazing work!!! These photos rock and your sister is just downright BEAUTIFUL!!! What an awesome shoot. Looks really fun! Birthday wishes to her! I will play w/ your fabulous pictures anytime :)

katie said...

They look great! I love them! She is so beautiful! Dang your good :):)

Ronnie said...

I love that grocery store! I didn't know your sister is the nutrition coach there. I will stop by and say hi next week when I am in St. George.

DK said...

These pictures are amazing...she is so beautiful!