Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Honey

So, my lovely husband turned 40 in October and has been pretty good about it, but once in a while he whines a little about being old. Not too bad, but sometimes it's like he's trying to talk himself into being older than he really is. It's part of his slightly pessimistic personality, I guess.

Anyway, today there was a County Health Fair where they were giving free cholesterol screening and other blood tests. He works for the county and asked me if I thought he should go along and take advantage of the the free-ness and all, and I told him he should. Free-ness is a very important thing to my husband - or cheap-ness at the very least.

Then he went through this monologue where he was worrying that what if they told him something he didn't want to hear, what if the news was bad or his cholesterol was high or he was dying or something. (But, no, he's not a pessimist - bless his heart.)

I assured him that he's in great health, freakishly strong, trim and muscular and an exceptionally young 40. I told him that his blood work would be great and that he had nothing to worry about.

So here are the results:

Just as I suspected - a picture of perfect health. Just look at that blood pressure! And a resting heartrate of 57?? RIDICULOUS!

Sheesh, that's what good jeans (um, I mean genes) and clean livin' will do for you. (Someday he'll thank me for making him haul all the hay.) And sleeping like a dead person everynight.

And this is what a perfect 40 year old physical specimen looks like:


I'm a lucky, lucky woman.


A Peoples' Photographer said...

There's some nice stuff on this site. I love it. Thanks for posting, makes me glad I bumped into this place.

p.s. I am LDS too.