Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Beautiful Bride

This lovely bride is the niece of a good friend of mine. We snuck in a quickie bridal session while she was on her way through town. We borrowed a pretty white iron chair off the neighbor's patio - they weren't home, but we knew they wouldn't mind, and we were off and running. We also borrowed the neighbor's garage, while we were already in their yard pinching their chair.

Can you tell this was taken in a garage? With her cousin in the background holding up the fabric?

We also borrowed their step ladder - that we found in their garage - to get a little different perspective.

We also went across the street and borrowed another neighbor's yard - her cars were there, but she didn't answer the door, she was probably having a nap - so we helped ourselves. I love our little town!

Isn't that chair pretty? Perfect for a bride, except it was kind of heavy to pack around the neighborhood.

Believe it or not, Diana wasn't wearing a single stitch of makeup! She looked so pretty without it, she really doesn't need any. Apparently, she's allergic to it and can't wear it, but if we all looked this good without it, the makeup companies would be out of business.

Wouldn't THAT be nice.

I loved her pretty freckles, I've never had any, so of course, I think they're great.

I wish we'd had a little more time and maybe one more location, but I think we got some pretty shots. We also had a great time.

Thanks, Diana, for letting me take your bridal portraits - it was great meeting you! Congratulations to you and Mike, I wish you a very happy life together.


Jenna Marie said...

So I'm a total "hater" right now... No Make-Up? You gotta be kidding me! She's gorgeous! :)
Great job Ann! :) These are great! And I must say her hair looks quite nice too... :) (haha...)