Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Savannah and the "nifty fifty" lens

I got a call the other day to take some pictures of Miss Savannah. I was very excited to do them because she's grown into such a gorgeous young thing. She was about 6 years old when I got married and moved here and now she's a senior and ready to graduate.

She's not only beautiful, she's super nice to everyone, makes great brownies and is also the student body president. (My Marty was also student body president here in his day.)

My friend, Nanette, lent me her 50mm prime lens to play with for a little while and this session was the first time I've used it. And, dang, now I MUST have one!

Just look at that delish bokeh! (blurred out background)

Isn't she gorgeous?! We'd have to hate her if she weren't such a sweetheart.

We had a great time and were shady and cool in her grandma's lovely yard. I haven't even finished editing yet, but was excited to share these. She was so natural and comfortable in front of the camera that they were all keepers.

Young people like this renew my faith in teenager kind.


Jenna Marie said...

She really is just SOOO gorgeous! Wow- you were right! awesome work... LOVE the popping colors in those! :)