Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Graduate

My baby has graduated (sniff) from Kindergarten.

How cute is this video of him marching up the aisle (a little unconfidently) ?!

The graduation ceremony was so cute, really entertaining and only about 30 minutes long. They recited poems, sang several songs, did the hokey-pokey and of course had cookies at the end.

Each little graduate came forward and received their diploma, although Lukie doesn't look too thrilled about something - being in front of all of us, having to hug his teacher, having to leave Kindergarten... who knows what goes through the mind of a 5 year old?

One of my favorite things was the adorable silhouettes they'd made of each kiddo and then hung them up on the stage curtain in a collage. The parents were supposed to pick out which kid was their's - we picked out Luke's pretty easily (it was obviously made when his hair was a little shaggier) but some of the parents couldn't pick their kids.

(And here's Ruger pointing his out to his parents.)

But what a great idea, I totally love it. Such a keepsake.

He was very excited that they gave him a green robe, because green's his favorite color. And he looked so handsome in it!

And a little goofy.

My baby.........