Sunday, October 21, 2012

Retroactive Halloween Post - Halloween 2011

As I was looking back through some old photos today while working on year end projects, I realized that I never blogged about last year's HALLOWEEN! Oh my goodness, it was the funnest Halloween ever. My little sister brought her fiance Charlie clear from Missouri to have some bridal portraits taken and they happened to be here over Halloween.
Since they weren't married yet, and since Charlie is a REALLY good sport, he agreed to let Sharon dress him in any way she wanted to. If our mom had been here, she never would have let Charlie debase himself in this way, but since she wasn't......

Yup. He was the bride and Sharon was the groom. And even though Charlie is quite a handsome man, he really made a hideous woman. SOOOO funny.

We went around town and let Sharon and Charlie knock on all the doors. Watching the reactions on everyone's faces, just never got old. They'd do a happy "greet the trick-or-treaters" face, which immediately turned to a shocked, "what in the world!" when they saw Charlie face, which then turned into a "oh yeah, it's Halloween and that's just a man dressed up as a really ugly bride" face. Too rich.

We also had Molly - our oldest, adopted, child - who has been with us for Halloween for several years. She's always a character from Avatar: The Last Airbender. This year was Zuko? I think?

The younger kids were a Captain Jack Sparrow, a Japanese lady, and Wolverine - respectively.

Except when Luke spent a few minutes as a Wolverine-Bride. Bride of Wolverine? Hmmm.

We had a little pumpkin carvin', some trampoline jumpin', and a whole lot of fun.

I'm getting to where I'm liking Halloween more every year. Especially this one!