Monday, September 5, 2011

How Pinteresting!

First there was email, then blogging, then Facebook and Twitter. Now?


I know I'm probably one of the last people to get on board, but I gotta admit, Pinterest is pretty cool. For anyone who doesn't know about Pinterest, it's a virtual pinboard where you can snag things off the web and keep track of them in collections.  I've always collected ideas off the internet, but this way is a whole lot easier. And you can browse the Pinterest boards for amazing ideas and things that other people have already found.

I really need to do some painting, remodeling, and updating around here, but I've been so busy and so overwhelmed that I've just ignored all of the projects that need to be done. But my tolerance level is reaching critical mass and it's time to get in gear. In the search for inspiration, Pinterest is an amazing source. I feel inspired.

(Guess where I found that?)


Kate Warren said...

How interesting....guess what I'm going to be doing later when I have the time? Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Not only do I have rooms to decorate and a garden to design, I also have an active interest in boudoir photography so this will be a great tool to work with. Have a great day!

katie said...


Kate Warren said...

I'm addicted! I will hopefully be linking some pins to my blog.