Sunday, August 14, 2011

My Little County Fair Participants

We live in a little bitty town and our whole entire county only has about 6000 people living in it. That means, of course, that our county fair is very home-towney, accessible and lots of fun. Every year we enter something that the kids have made and I always enter some of my own photos.

I actually remembered to take photos of some of their entries this year:

 (Brynn won a sweepstakes ribbon for her cool watercolor painting.)

Luke came up with the idea to put in a helicopter on his own, made it all by himself and then painted it with a little help from his big brother.  The rotors twirl really well!

A couple of years ago, Jaxon came up with his own comic strip in which the characters are all insects. It's called The Buggy Backyard. I'm continually amazed at the ideas he is able to come up with. He can sit down and come up with cartoon after cartoon and most of them are really funny. He usually just draws them in pencil - we have them all over the place. I talked him into putting one down in ink for the fair and it won a blue ribbon. 

Isn't that great?! 

  He's so good at expressions and body language.

In other news.... My lovely little sister Sharon is getting married! I will put up another post about her and her fiance, but for now I'll show this one photo that I entered in the fair.

I love small town living, I grew up in cities, but always knew I was a small town girl. I love the parades, the town dinners and the county fair. We're so blessed.