Monday, July 25, 2011

Luke's Baptism

Another thing that's happened since I got behind on my blogging is Luke's baptism. He was really excited to be baptized, and I couldn't believe my baby was already 8 years old.

I complained a while back that Luke was hard to take pictures of, but when I took him out for a commemorative photo shoot, I finally figured out the secret. I've tried telling him jokes --- no luck. But when I asked him to tell ME jokes, then I got amazing stuff out of him. BINGO!

How stinkin' cute is that kid? I'm tellin' ya. He's killin' me, Smalls. That' little suit and "future missionary" pin were Jaxon's from when he was baptized. The tie is new, hip, happenin'. 

This was probably the best shoot I've had with him in ages, there were a dozen cute, natural shots. Yay.

Anyway, one of the nicest things about Luke's baptism was that my mom was able to be here for it. She even went out to California the week before for my sister's little boy's baptism - he was born 2 days before Luke. Those are the kinds of things she's able to do now that Dad's gone. We were so glad to have her here and she gave a talk about the Holy Ghost.

Our good friend Molly came along to the baptism and took pictures, which was a big load off me. We had some great friends who came, and Jenna especially, helped out.

Our kids are so lucky to have such a great dad. He's such a great example to them.

It was a wonderful day, and we're really proud of our boy for choosing to be baptized.


katie said...

SO sad that we missed it! He is growing up so fast! love the photo shoot!!

likeschocolate said...

He looks so sharp in his suit. Congratulations!