Friday, May 20, 2011

Baby Eric

A few months ago, this cute little sleepy baby:

was this cute little sleepy baby:

He is my friend Emily's little Eric who was born in November. He's SUCH a good baby, and so cuddly and happy and squishy and sweet - I hold him and kiss him every chance I get. And he hugs me back because I'm cuddly and squishy too and he can tell how much I like him.

On Wednesday this week, I had 8 of my friends and their 13 preschool aged kids, over for lunch for Rachel's birthday and honey lime enchiladas. Yes, the key words in that sentence: 13 preschoolers. On a rainy day in my 1500 square foot house. And yes, it was noisy. Wow.

But we had a great time and baby Eric was the quietest person in the house. When it was time to go home, as his mom was gathering up his two brothers, she set Eric on the couch - he can already sit up by himself. I looked over and he was falling asleep sitting up.

I grabbed my camera, even though I had on the wrong lens, and snapped a few quickies from across the room so as not to disturb him.

He would start to drift off and it would make him fall forward, when he was almost on his face, he'd startle himself awake and sit back up and then immediately close his eyes and start to fall forward again.


Going, going, gon....


No wait!


Well, sort of.

This baby makes me want to have one of my own. If I could somehow be guaranteed this EXACT baby, I might even do it.


auntyem said...

Oh Ann, you captured it perfectly. Poor little guy. Thanks for posting! Can't stop laughing.

Dani said...

so fun Ann. Thanks for the delicious Lunch and fun company. good times and great pictures.

Dani said...

Thanks for the yummy lunch and fun company. Good times and great pictures. These are sooooo cute.

Dani said...

These pics are so cute. What a fun time at your home, Thanks, the lunch was amazing you are a very good cook as well as photographer.

Sharon said...

He is precious! And you sure know how to tell a story, sis. You're amazing. Love love love.

CashchiC said...

He is just too cute...:}

pernillemerlen said...

Beutiful pictures :)!

Ronnie said...

HA HA HA! Love those nine-mile-long lashes!

buyriftaccount said...

WoW! so cute pictures. . can't stop from laughing. . =)