Monday, February 14, 2011

Be Mine

Last week I took this photo of my live-in model. It's my big effort for Valentine's Day.

We're kinda boring and don't make too big a fuss about holidays around here, but my honey is really good at taking care of me everyday. He came home yesterday and gave me a very long hug and told me, in a heartfelt way, how much he loves and appreciates me and what a good woman I am. He tells me he loves me about 12 times a day. He folds most of the laundry. He chops wood, hauls hay and takes care of the cars, yard and fences. He fixes breakfast on Saturdays and gets the kids to school - while I sleep in - on Fridays. So most days feel like Valentines Day for me. I'm married to one of the most affectionate, demonstrative and helpful guys I know.

And he's cute, too.

Happy V-day everybody.