Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Costume Craziness

I've said it before, but I hate yucky, scary, evil Halloween costumes. When my kids were little and I had ultimate creative control, they were always cute, fuzzy, cuddly little creatures - chickies, froggies, skunkies - you get the idea. Now that they're a little bit older, they seem to want to have an opinion about what they'll be for Halloween. And then I have to have a little talk with myself about how I need to pick my battles. For instance, Brynn wanted to be an "evil goth vampire princess". Well, I'm not gonna lie, that doesn't thrill me. I would hope she'd never want to be an "evil" anything, even for Halloween. But I took a step back and realized that mainly, she wanted to wear a wig and makeup. Her friend gave her a long dress with fishnet sleeves and a velvet skirt. So I decided it wasn't worth it to fight with her about it - I hope that was the right decision.

I put some makeup on her - exactly how she told me to:

I even put some mascara on her for the first time ever - she has such ridiculously long eyelashes, I've never wanted to. But she insisted on mascara and it made her lashes about 2 inches long. RIDICULOUS!

And here she is with her wig, ready to go trick-or-treating.

The boys, thank goodness, collaborated on a super hero theme this year. And the cute thing was that Jaxon decided to be Robin to Luke's Batman.


Jaxon's costume was actually a men's size - he's getting so stinkin' big! And my, what big muscles he has these days!

And Luke. Seeing him in this little mask just makes me happy.

He asked me, the day after Halloween, if he could keep his costume out as a dress up suit and wear it everyday. I thought for a minute and said, "Why not!" He's the baby and no one is coming along after him to need the costume. And it brings me back to the time when he was 3 and I couldn't pry him out of his Superman pajamas. And frankly, I'm not ready for him to grow up - if he wants to be Batman everyday for 5 more years, fine by me!

I also had to include this photo:

This is one of Brynn's best friends and we let them go trick-or-treating together for a little while before we went as a family. This kid LOVES the movie, Avatar, so I wasn't surprised to see her dressed this way. But I was impressed by how great she looked - and boy, is that blue makeup fun to photograph!

I'm really trying to enjoy Halloween because the kids do and be a good sport about it. It seems like I'm getting better about it and Marty's getting worse. He was really a Halloween scrooge this year. But I figure it won't be very many more years before they will be too old, and then I'll miss it. Surely.


katie said...

I agree with the nice costumes! Your kids looked awesome! Miss you...

Emmychels said...

As a mother to a 12 yr old myself, I totally get what you mean. Your kids look awesome and the little one so cute.

Ronnie said...

I LOVE that Jaxon would be Robin for his little bro. What great kids you have.

Tiffanie said...

totally LOVE your little girls get up!!! I love halloween and my hubby not so much...which is WHY i insist WE hold a Halloween party every YEAR...it is the ONLY way I can get him involved...this year it landed on stake conf. weekend...and he had to go to the Priesthood session...well when we all get back from trick or treating and he in his suit and tie was asked "so who are you? Bishop!" LOL to funny...didn't take him long to yank off the tie!

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Felicia Follum said...

I love these photographs. I am an art and graphic design student and was wondering if you could comment on some of my photographs.

I will be back to check out your photographs.