Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Story of Bo

Horse lovers are born, not made. I'm convinced this is true. I was wild about horses from before I could talk, or so my mother tells me. When I was a kid, and begging to have my own horse, my dad told me, "Forget about it, you will NEVER have a horse."

Well, thanks to my perseverance, and a lot of help from my Grandpa, I did own my own horse - which of course, turned into horses. Not only that, but I've made my living with horses since I was 18. I don't blog about my horses very much, as it seems more important to record the goings on of my family while my kids are little, but the horses are such a big part of our lives that I really ought to mention them more.

Not only was I born a horse lover, but my daughter was also. She is obsessed, just like I was (and still am). She draws horses, reads about them, bought a horse Wii game w/ her birthday money and wants to ride all the time.

Her first horse was Penny, who was truly the perfect first horse for a little kid. We lost Penny last spring and were devastated. My good friend Linda, and fellow trainer at the Sanctuary, let us borrow her horse, Bo, last summer for Brynn to ride. Bo is a really good boy and Brynn trail rode him all summer and had a great time on him at our local youth county fair horse show:

She hit it off really well with Bo and was sad when it was time to send him back to Linda. But this spring, Linda decided that she wanted to give Bo to Brynn. We kept it a surprise and when the day came, our friend Molly, who is a staff photographer at the Sanctuary and a fellow horse lover, came with her camera (and a length or red tinsel by way of gift wrapping) to take pictures of the event.

We had him tinseled up and standing in the yard when Brynn got home from school:

(Thanks, Molly, for the great pictures!)

So now Bo is a part of our family and we feel very blessed and lucky to have him - THANK YOU LINDA!

Brynn plays with him and rides him every chance she gets. She also had another great county fair horse show this year, even though her feet still don't reach the stirrups.

(In't he purty?!)

A girl and her horse - it's a beautiful thing.


laceeJ said...

I feel like you're telling MY story!! The horse bug is BORN, not made! That was so thoughtful of your friend to give the horse to your horse crazy daughter....:) She looks so good on him! Thanks for sharing!