Monday, August 3, 2009

3 of my all time favorites

I was born a horse lover - in fact, I'm convinced that all true horse lovers are born. When I was a little kid, I would beg my parents for a horse and they would say, "Are you crazy? We live in an apartment in the city, we move every 7 months, we're completely destitute", (or something like that.)

What my dad actually said was, "Ann, you will NEVER have a horse so you might as well get over it." And I don't really blame him for seeing things that way because there should have been no practical way for me to ever have a horse. I just knew that my soul cried out to horses, so I couldn't help asking.

But I did have one ace in the hole - my horseman grandpa who had a small ranch in Southern Utah, and his neighbor, Vard the Arabian breeder.

The day I graduated from the 7th grade, we were packing to leave to go to my grandparent's ranch for a few days. The phone rang and it was my grandpa calling to say that his neighbor had a bumper crop of baby geldings that year and wanted to give one of them to me. Of course my dad said, NO WAY, but my Grandpa (my hero) said, "I'll keep him for her until she's old enough to keep him herself."

And my life was never the same again.

So this is a photo of three of my all time favorite things ---

  • My new baby horse Rocky (our first meeting, awww) whom I had for the next 22 yrs.
  • My grandpa, Howard Church, one of the greatest men to ever live
  • My 13 year old skinniness.